• Cheshire Constabulary

    The Challenge

    As part of a wide-reaching change programme, Cheshire Constabulary was embarking upon a number of staff development initiatives, one objective being to develop Management and Leadership skills across the force. 

    The Director of I.T. Services was keen to develop his management team’s leadership skills and further build the team into a united and effective management body, so as to compliment and enhance various other improvement initiatives that had been implemented in the department. 

    Cheshire Constabulary’s measure of success for development programmes of this nature is tangible benefit for the force, coming from measurable growth in capability and performance of the delegates and the team.

    The Solution

    The solution that was implemented involved:

    • Co-designing a bespoke eight-session development programme with key members of the I.T. Services’ team.
    • Building the team into a more cohesive and effective unit.
    • Ensuring that the programme was engaging and stimulating at all times.
    • Assessing growth of the delegates and measuring success using predetermined measures, thereby demonstrating the benefits realised.

    The Outcome

    Every member of the I.T. Services management team acquired a range of new and practical leadership and management tools and techniques, as well as benefiting from significant gains in communication and presentation skills. 

    However, the biggest impact was seen in the behaviour of team members. The way that the team now interacts, supports and respects each other, and how they genuinely play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses have made the team a cohesive, effective and interdependent unit.

    What they said..

    "A very good programme. Ownership of management and leadership is now held by a wide team and these new skills and behaviours are being taken into the work-place to the benefit of the whole department and our customers." 

    "The programme has been excellent, to understand everyone in the team and provide us with common tools and techniques to work together to achieve our goals. Thank you." 

    "Brilliant - best I’ve been on.