• Mouchel Parkman

    The Challenge

    Mouchel Parkman’s Divisional Director for Shropshire was looking for a way to build a “reputation for excellence” for his management team, that is acknowledged and spoken about externally (by existing and potential clients) as well as internally amongst other divisions.

    He felt that an improvement in the teams’ interpersonal skills, their ability to perform more effectively as a unified team, with a greater focus on client needs, would contribute significantly to achieving this reputation and would give real benefit to the Division.

    The Solution

    Innergy designed and delivered an interactive six-session development programme that started with a short “buy-in” workshop followed by four specially designed half-day sessions, and a final workshop to bring it all together and develop individual on-going action plans.

    The four bespoke sessions addressed a range of skills and cultural issues and were delivered in an extremely interactive way, but the main objective in each session was to ensure that every manager was engaged in every aspect and always considered their own strengths and weaknesses. Each person came away from each session with a personal commitment to action.

    The Outcome

    Over the course of the programme the 10 senior managers at Mouchel Parkman became aware of their own styles and how others perceive them. They developed a much deeper understanding of each other and began to really bond and work together as a unit.

    The team articulated a common understanding of the reputation desired by the firm, the role that each person needs to play, and agreed a set of actions (based on a transformational approach to leadership) that they have committed to implement over the next 6-12 months.

    What they said..

    “Having experience with Innergy previously on a very successful programme, I was keen to see if they could help me with my dilemma. The Shropshire business was doing so well but I was convinced that there was more to be had from the team if they started to really pull together and understand each other a little more.

    I sat down with Innergy twice prior to the programme, the first session was to set the scene and to provide them with a clear understanding of what I desired and considered could be achieved. At the second meeting we considered the proposed programme they had developed and jointly agreed and finalised how it would be delivered.

    The programme was excellent and delivered all my desired outcomes, the team bought into the concept totally and have since been regularly meeting without me to discuss and agree onward actions that have evolved from the programme.

    The Forward Together Programme has been a great success and one that is now being looked at elsewhere in the wider business as a tool to assist local business units to develop.”     

    Alan Rimmer - Divisional Director