• Sefton Education Business Partnership

    The Challenge

    Sefton Education Business Partnership’s mission is to motivate and raise the attainment of young people in the region.

    One of the initiatives Sefton Education Business Partnership launched was Leadership in Learning. This was a leadership programme, involving a series of workshops to allow students to identify and develop the skills associated with being a successful leader, facilitated by industry experts.

    The Solution

    Vicky Appleton, responsible for the initiative, engaged Innergy to help them with the programme. Having worked with Innergy and attended Innergy’s leadership programme, Vicky new that the approach, style and energy would be a winning formula to engage the 14 year olds, while challenging their thinking and helping them understand what else is involved in success in the workplace. Innergy’s commitment to invest back into the community also meant that they provided their time and expertise at no cost.

    The Outcome

    The reaction to Innergy and the approaches shared was incredibly positive with the children fully engaged and involved throughout the learning. By the end the kids were able not only to articulate how people needed to act to work with and get the best out of others, they also took away actions which would help develop basic leadership habits which would serve them as they look forward to their careers.

    What they said..

    "We were so pleased when Innergy agreed to support and help out with the programme. It proved to be a huge success with students wanting more and recommending it to other students. The energy and enthusiasm with which Innergy delivered was infectious and the students where able to learn, outside their comfort zone, something they could later practice both in the school and beyond. We will be running the programme again in other schools and look forward to working with Innergy again the future. Thank you again from Sefton EBP and the young people of Sefton."

    Vicky Appleton - Programme Director