• House of Flags

    The Challenge

    House of Flags (HoF) is the UK’s leading supplier of fabric display solutions and has enjoyed years of success and growth. In order to retain HoF’s position as market leader, deliver continued growth and build on its already excellent reputation, the Directors of the business decided to invest in and develop two key areas of the business: the management and the sales team.

    The Solution

    HoF invited Innergy to design and deliver two HoF specific programs - Excellence in Sales and Excellence in Leadership. The programs were delivered in bite sized chunks over a period of 2 months. The focus was as much on the application and practice of ideas as the knowledge itself, with delegates feeding back results they had achieved from implementing different approaches at the beginning of each session. The overriding objective was to develop habits that delivered results over a sustainable period as opposed to having a quick hit.

    The Outcome

    Both the sales and the management teams were fully engaged in their respective programs and showed significant commitment to applying the learning and developing new habits. The sales training enabled the sales team to structure and focus their approach with renewed energy leading to strong sales performance. The managers developed an understanding and confidence to apply a whole range of results enhancing leadership and management habits, as well as developing significantly stronger relationships and communication as a team.

    What they said..

    "Our team of sales managers have all benefited greatly from the training and they are now really working as a team! They are stronger and more confident and I know that they will now play an even bigger part in driving the business forward. 

    They have been able to help identify areas where the business can improve and are keen to play their part in this development. 

    I am proud to be part of the team."

    Ian Simmonds Managing Director