The Challenge

    Greater Manchester Public Transport Executive (GMPTE) carries out the policies of Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Authority to ensure that Manchester’s rail, tram and bus services meet local travel needs.

    In anticipation of a major increase in the scope and extent of services provided, GMPTE needed to quickly and effectively design and implement a change programme that would ensure that the organisation is ready and capable of delivering massively expanded services.

    The Solution

    Initially engaged to assist GMPTE with improvements in key business processes, Innergy quickly became an integral part of GMPTE’s change team, advising and providing hands-on support in the design and planning of the overall change framework, “readiness for change” activities, and change management.

    The programme is now well into the “implementation phase” with Innergy continuing to assist the dedicated change team by providing ongoing advice and hands-on support.

    The Outcome

    The change programme was designed around GMPTE’s specific needs, involving extensive consultation with a cross-section of PTE staff, resulting in a high level of ownership and commitment.

    The programme combines “top-down” and “bottom-up” approaches to change, which has further helped to get buy-in across the organisation. It also means that every individual not only has a personal commitment to change, but has high expectations of their colleagues.

    As momentum on the programme (which is ongoing) grows, it is increasingly being seen as part of everyone’s day job, with ever increasing levels of commitment being shown by the Executive Group and Management Team.

    What they said..

    “Innergy are a key member of the change team.  Their ideas and energy have been crucial in making progress across a wide range of areas.

    They have an ability to connect across all levels in the organisation and therefore to bring out the best in people which has been a key factor in getting widespread buy-in to the programme.”

    Paul Griffiths - Interim Projects Director