• Indesit

    The Challenge

    Indesit Company routinely offers its senior staff a range of training opportunities that include leadership and management development. 

    While most managers and leaders have benefited from these programmes there remained two main developmental challenges for the senior management team:

    • Getting the individuals on the team to really apply best-practice in management and leadership.
    • Getting the team to perform and behave as a unified team, in which “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”.

    Successfully meeting these two challenges would then pave the way for a similar development programme for Cell Leaders.

    The Solution

    The solution that was implemented in the Spring/Summer of 2008 involved:

    • Conducting a “Needs Analysis Workshop” with the senior management team, to ensure an optimum design for the ensuing development programme, while getting their buy-in.
    • Delivering the five-session programme in a style that was engaging and stimulating at all times, with an emphasis on application and that built the team into a more cohesive and effective unit.
    • Involving the senior team in designing a suitable programme for Cell Leaders.

    The Outcome

    Every member of the senior management team acquired (or refreshed) a range of practical leadership and management tools and techniques, and demonstrated their ability and willingness to apply them. 

    Significant gains were also made in the behaviour of team members and the way that they interact, support and respect each other, and how they are beginning to play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

    This has made the team a more cohesive, effective and interdependent unit.

    What they said..

    "Excellent course with specific focus on areas for development, each session built on learning form the last session and achieved a natural conclusion. 

    I am sure this will help the Senior Management Team work more effective using the tools they have learnt during this training - thank you.

    Jason Dwan Manufacturing Site Director, Indesit