• Wirral Council

    The Challenge

    Wirral Council had launched a new project, Wirralwise, to reduce the number of 14 - 19 children who were NEET (Not in Education, Employment and Training). 

    The initial project team of 14 people were brought on board from both within the council and externally and were required to come together and function effectively as a team start delivering from day one. 

    The individuals had no experience of working together and were required to deliver an effective and efficient service from the start while experiencing the inevitable challenges of project start ups in the Public Sector.

    The Solution

    Melanie Campbell, the Wirral Wise ESF Participation Manager decided something different was required to quickly develop the effectiveness of the team and the way they worked together. This would ensure that the results being delivered were as good as they needed to be at the earliest, while increasing how well the team function and reducing potential conflict and waste. Innergy were invited to deliver a team building day that enhanced team effectiveness and its ability to deliver the desired results. Innergy designed a day which:

    • Shaped the vision and created a picture of success that worked for the whole team
    • Defined how the team would work together and its values
    • Helped the team understand each others motivations and personalities
    • Agreed immediate solutions to ensure team communication was highly effective
    • Engaged and motivated the team
    • Was fun (but with a purpose)

    The Outcome

    By the end of the day the vision and values had been developed and a plan for communication established, and everyone was engaged and bought into the way forward. 

    Everyone had personal actions for which they were accountable to make the team thrive and were aware of the different characters and personalities within the team and how they could best work with each other. 

    They also created and took away and a copy of a highly entertaining and creative promotional video they had design, created and filmed during the day

    What they said..

    "Highly recommended - excellent quality training in a friendly, informal but focused environment. This has helped the team to become more cohesive, more understanding of each other and has left a lasting impression."

    Melanie Campbell Wirral Wise ESF Participation Manager, Wirral Council