• Ambi-Rad


    Ambi-Rad’s 2006 Sales Conference was run over three days in May, 2006 and was attended by 41 people comprising internal sales staff, external sales staff and Directors. 

    Ambi-Rad had invited Innergy to design and deliver a session for the mid-point of the conference that was motivational, provided participants with something tangible to take from the session, had an element of competition, and was fun.


    Innergy designed and delivered a 3½ hour session that combined learning-points, participation, teamwork and fun. 

    The learning-points focused on personal style-awareness and planning; skills that were then put into practice in a competitive exercise. 

    The exercise divided the group into six teams, each team being required to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and then to plan, rehearse and perform a simulated TV commercial. Each performance was judged by the other teams using a pre-determined set of measures.


    Everyone developed a better understanding of their natural way of communicating and decision making, the affect that this can have on others, and how they can adapt their style to connect better. 

    A simple planning tool (suitable for everyday application) was also learned and the group exercise gave everyone an opportunity to apply their new knowledge in an entertaining and enjoyable environment. 

    High levels of innovation, creativity, animation and teamwork were demonstrated, with many people being pushed well beyond their comfort zones, allowing others to see them in a new light and further building the team.

    What they said..

    "Innergy delivered an excellent session at our Annual Sales Conference which was presented in a very relaxed informal but controlled manner, they met every aspect of our brief, providing a most enjoyable afternoon for all the participants."

    Frank Staniland Sales Director, Ambi-Rad