• Salvage and Marine Operations

    The Challenge

    Salvage and Marine Operations is a small team that delivers output directly to military customers and government departments. The team is geographically dispersed over four sites in the UK. 

    A staff survey revealed that communication was perceived as remote with a tendency to focus on corporate or management issues. This was despite an informal in-house newsletter that anyone could contribute to, and good relations with Trade Unions.

    The Solution

    Innergy devised a series of workshops that focused on communication styles. All team members completed a personal profile prior to the workshop, which categorised their preferences into four main communication types (earth, fire, air, and water). 
    This knowledge was used during the events to identify and subsequently explain the different expectations and requirements that individuals have when they are both giving and receiving information.

    The Outcome

    The team found the workshops informative and helped them develop a greater understanding of the underlying drivers that make different people need different information in different ways. 
    Greater practical application of the workshops is the way in which it helps staff to adapt their message depending on the lead profile attribute of their audience and subsequently to aid their perception of that audiences’ reaction.

    What they said..

    “Innergy showed their ability to be agile. Different personal profiles were introduced by Salvage & Marine Operations owners, which effectively barred the use of others, part way through the process. It required greater effort from Innergy to take the outcomes from individuals and then adapt them to the previous categories."

    Christine Lake Corporate Business Manager